Petition your MP

Talking points:

It is more effective to send individual emails rather than group emails generated from one IP address that can end up as SPAM.

Please copy your MP’s email address into your own email program and write to him/her about your concerns, perhaps using these talking points:

  • Who you normally vote for
  • What you think of this Government’s policies and competence
  • Why you are angry/fearful
  • How the carbon (dioxide) tax will hurt you and your family
  • Why you think this Government is destroying Australia
  • Your voting intentions at the next Federal Election if your MP is from the Labor Party or the Greens
  • The certainty of their career, keeping in mind the election results in NSW.
  • Put Australia’s future before their own career.
  • Their resignation would almost certainly be rewarded by another term in office.
  • They would be considered a national ‘hero’ by Australians if their resignation led to a new election.

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