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The Carbon Tax is Gone! (For Now)

Wonderful news from the senate today, with the passing of the government’s repeal bill at 39 votes to 32. After several weeks of negotiation, Tony Abbott has successfully fulfilled his election promise and had the carbon tax scrapped. Government senators applauded as the bill was passed, and Tony was quick to celebrate his long anticipated achievement, releasing a public statement titled “The Carbon Tax is gone!”.

“We are honouring our commitments to you by building a strong and prosperous economy for a safe and secure Australia.” Tony said after the passing of the bill. “This is great news for Australian families and for our nation’s small businesses… Today the tax that you voted to get rid of is finally gone.”

The lead-up to the removal of the tax, an election promise that many believe is the reason the Abbott government was voted into power was an arduous, frustrating and sometimes embarrassing ordeal for the self-titled “conservationist government”. Abbott remains hopeful that his Direct Action legislation where he plans to pay polluters to reduce their emissions will still succeed, despite a hostile reception from the Greens, Labor and crossbenchers.

Despite today’s win, Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Environmental Minister Greg Hunt refused to rule out a possible return to a price on carbon in the future.

3 Ways You Can Help the Environment that will be More Beneficial to Australia than a Carbon Tax

Over the last decade there has been a lot of debate about carbon’s effect on our environment, and coincidentally the whole Carbon Tax issue. Many awakened citizens don’t even believe that carbon is actually bad for the planet, and this whole debacle has been brought about by a shadow government intent on taxing us into servility and slavery (if we’re not there yet already). Corporations who are set to profit from the Carbon Tax Agenda (such as those owned by the infamous Al Gore) and the Controlled Media have been ramming environmental rhetoric down the throats of Australian’s since the early 2000s. Unfortunately a large proportion of the population here are too busy working 60-80 hours a week in a struggle to try and pay off their lifelong indebtedness mortgage, or too tied up watching the Hollywood’s latest brain-draining series to educate themselves on what is actually going on in the real world.

Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere Chart

One Twitter User’s Take on the Ridiculousness of Carbon being the main cause of Climate Change.

With so much negativity surrounds the current state of Australian politics, and the overwhelming distrust of Tony Abbott and his one-step forward, two-steps back policies; the team here at No Carbon Tax have been discussing things we can all do to promote positive change. While the Carbon Tax issue will hopefully soon be over, we have plenty more to keep fighting for as our beautiful Great Barrier Reef is about the be destroyed so that Australia can exports gas that we poisoned and destroyed our very over prime farmland to extract from the ground. Let’s not go into that issue right now though. In an attempt to keep things on a positive wavelength here is a list of small changes you can make in and around your home to help maintain a beautiful Australia.

1. Change Your CFL Bulbs to LEDs.

Compact Fluorescent Lights have been marketed as a great way to save money on electricity around the home, but many people are not aware of the many negatives of CFLs. Promoted as using less energy and having longer lasting bulbs that traditional incandescent bulbs many people have been quick to make the switch to the newer technology lights.

Did you know there is an incandescent bulb in California that has been running for over 100 years? The Centennial Light was made with a thicker filament so that it would not blow so easily. Light bulb companies knew that if bulbs never blew it would reduce their profit margins so filaments were made thin and fragile so that light bulbs needed to be continually replaced.

Despite knowledge of this, quality incandescent bulbs have not been manufactured for almost a century, and CFLs have become the mainstay of lighting in suburban homes. This is a problem for us because CFLs contain mercury, so when they are discarded they contaminate the earth with this neurotoxic poison, and also because they produce Dirty Electricity which conflicts with our own electrical fields and interrupts the bodies ability to heal itself. One way to avoid these issues and save money on your power usage is by utilizing new LED light technology.

LEDs do not contain mercury nor do they produce dirty electricity. They are far more efficient than incandescent bulbs and because of their far superior running times (compared to the common weak incandescent bulbs) they will save you money in the long-term. New LED lighting technology means that no longer will whole bulbs need to be replaced when lights wear out, as single diodes can cheaply and easily be switched. This is great for the environment and for your wallet! Leaders in the development of this technology, are Australian LED Downlight specialists LED Arts.  Their team of engineers and electricians have been assembling LED lights from some of the big players in the lighting technology arena, like LG and Sharp, and they have been working to develop new way to improve LED lighting design and functionality.

I won’t get too technical with the details, but essentially if you have one of the next generation LED lights you’ll never need to purchase a new globe ever again. If I diode stops working you can just buy another and replace it yourself. This new technology if adapted by the masses will dramatically benefit the health of Australians and their environment. Do us all a favour and consider making the switch to LED downlights in your home or office today.

2. Install a Water Tank in your Home

This one is an obvious tip for those of you who still haven’t realized the benefits associated with collecting your own rainwater at home. Rainwater tanks can be installed easily, and can be picked up extremely cheaply, second-hand on eBay for those of you who have to allocate the majority of your monthly wage towards car registration, student loan payments, and home loan fees. There are numerous benefits from collecting your own free water from the sky, so until the Government decide to start taxing rainwater too (Don’t put it past them, they’ve already been thinking about it!), it makes sense to install your own tank.

When you have your own supply of freshly collected rainwater, you can filter it and use it for fluoride-free drinking water, or use it on your garden unfiltered. Either way you’ll save money on those ever rising water rates. Another benefit of having your own water supply is that you are not completely reliant on the system in the case of another drought, and you are helping the rest of your local area by contributing to the supply of water rather than being just another user. We spoke with a local Plumber in Brisbane about how simple it was to install a water tank.

“Once you’ve determined the best place to position the tank, all you need to do it put down a slab of concrete, drop on the tank and connect up all the downpipes,” he said. “We get the occasional job fitting water tanks in people’s houses, and more and more these days at commercial premises, but really anybody can do it. You can even get a local handyman to help you do the work if you don’t feel confident enough to take the job on. Plumbers will usually be happy to lend a hand with the pipework, but the cost for a qualified plumber can often be much more than the cost of a handyman or the cost of a carton of beer to give to your mates to help you out.”

So there you have it, a reasonably cheap and simple way to make a positive change to your local environment and also save yourself some money. If you haven’t already got a water tank installed in your home, what are you waiting for?

3. Reduce the Amount of Plastic Waste You Create

This one is fairly obvious, but many people do not even think about the amount of plastic waste they create each day. Once you start thinking about how much non biodegradable rubbish you are the cause of each and every day, it is very easy to start reducing it. Plastic bags and other plastic products are choking our oceans, and plaguing our landfills. They release toxic chemicals such as Bisphenol-A (BPA) and Dioxins into our waterways and soils and choke and poison our wildlife.

There are so many ways you can reduce the amount of plastic waste you produce, all you need to do it think about it. Here are some examples:

  • Reuse a water bottle (preferably a stainless-steel or BPA-free plastic one) instead of constantly buying water bottles.
  • Take boxes or reusable bags to the grocery store to bring home your shopping in.
  • Refuse plastic bags at the grocery store when only purchasing single items.
  • Use a glass or BPA-free to carry your lunch in, instead of using glad wrap or sandwich bags.
  • Recycle any plastics you can’t reuse
  • Refrain from buying products with excessive plastic packaging i.e. apples wrapped in plastic at the grocery store or toys with several layers of plastic wrapping around them.

Many businesses are attempting to reduce the amount of plastic wrapping used on their products by offering items in glass or wooden containers or even in paper bags. The owners of one business we spoke with who sell Educational Toys online said she had noticed a growing trend of people purchasing products that were made of more wood than plastic. “We can’t be sure if it’s because of environmental or health concerns, but my guess is both.” She said. “When searching for new educational toys we always look to stock products that cause less harm to the environment. While it’s not possible to only stock toys and games made of biodegradable material, we do our best to ensure our kids and the children of our customers get exposed to as few nasty chemicals as possible. Especially with young toddlers who often like to put things into their mouths.” You can view all the products sold by Tumble & Roll Educational Toys here.

Moving away from excessive plastic usage is a growing trend and one we would like to see continue. If you were faced with the horror of seeing what it’s like for the animals living near the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a huge expanse of plastic and other waste products floating in the ocean, you would start to reconsider the choices you make on a daily basis.  Next time you go to make a purchase of any kind, please consider what your choices are doing to the environment and don’t give the Government any more reason to try and impose another ridiculous tax on us all.


Promised to Repeal the Carbon Tax, Still the Most Unpopular Prime Minister Ever.

His promise to repeal the Carbon Tax played a big part in getting him into power, yet Tony Abbott has succeeded in completely destroying his credibility and popularity within a very short time-frame. Thousands of angry and upset Australians turned out to protest last Sunday in cities and towns across the nation. “March in March” was a huge success in bringing about awareness to those Australian’s who are not so aware about the atrocities performed on an almost daily basis by those who have been given (or have just taken) too much power from their own people. Not surprisingly there was very little coverage given to the events by the mainstream media, however awareness was spread through the communication medium of social media: Facebook, Twitter etc. A few stories were posted on news websites and I heard a 20 second update about it on radio CB FM, but television news coverage was almost non-existant.

Those that attended had plenty to protest about; from human rights (asylum seeker) injustices, to gay rights issues; from the secret signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef and the Forests of Tasmania, to cutbacks in education spending and massive increases in military spending. Does a single person in Australia even support the murder and genocide of innocent human beings going on in Afghanistan and the Middle East? Some ignorant people even protested the upcoming potential removal the Carbon Tax. The way Tony Abbott has been leading Australia Corporation thus far however, it wouldn’t surprise me if he back-flips on that election promise as well. It’s not like his approval ratings can go much lower anyway.

Several of the No Carbon Tax team attended the Sydney March to protest the numerous injustices being carried out by the Abbott Government. We’d just like to give a big shout out to Auscomms Communication Sydney from whom we got walkie talkie hire for the day. The two-way radios made it much easier to keep in contact with each other while we were organising crowds and bringing together all the like-minded anti-Government protesters.  Thanks Dave for suggesting getting the radios for the event, they really made things much easier especially when mobile phone network coverage was so unreliable probably due to the large number of people on the networks at the same time.

We encourage you all to keep fighting the good fight, not just to repeal the Carbon Tax but to fight for justice and ethics in Australian Politics, not just nationally but globally as well. Every living being on this planet deserves to be treated with respect. Can any global Government honestly say they they are doing what is best for their people instead of corporate interests? Everybody knows the Australian Government can’t. It doesn’t matter if it’s NLP or Labor the results are never in our favour. Australian’s need to take back control of their country and stop the sell off of national treasures and our values and ethics.


Hockey Urges For Repeal As Inflation Rises

The plan to repeal the carbon tax by the federal government has so far been a sticky process with the first legislative package rejected by the senate. Because the Labor party and the Greens are still against the bills, there is little to no chance of the federal government getting the bill passed until the seats of the senate change hands on the 1st of July.

In a move to further slow proceedings, the opposition and Greens chose to debate each piece of the legislative package as separate entities. This has angered the treasurer Joe Hockey, who has blamed the former Labor government’s carbon tax for the recent rise in the inflation rate. The consumer price index rose 0.8 per cent in the December quarter pushing the inflation rate to 2.7 per cent from 2.2 per cent in the previous period. This is the highest rate of inflation in two years.

“The inflation rate continues to be impacted by Labor’s carbon tax,” said Mr Hockey on Wednesday. He went on to say that “Labor senators should stop standing in the way of cost-of-living relief for Australian families and vote to repeal the carbon tax when parliament resumes.”

The repeal of the tax cannot come soon enough for some local business owners. Rod Bishop from Snowcentral in Brisbane’s North said he may no longer be able to afford to tune snowboards in his business’ state of the art Wintersteiger Tunejet machine due to rising energy costs believed to be associated with the tax.

And it appears he is not alone. A spokesperson from Ray White Project Marketing Queensland recently commented at a community meeting in Brisbane’s East on the potential negative influence the tax is having on consumer spending. “People are more conscious with their money” she said. Implying that their money is not going as far as it once did taking into account rising living costs. “This has also led to buyers losing confidence in their ability to repay loans on new apartments. We used to receive a steady influx of purchases off the plan; but this rise in inflation as definitely minimized this.”

The federal government has put forward numbers stating that the repeal of the tax would save Australian families and businesses an average of $550 next financial year. However, some of the Labor senators believe that it will cost the Australian taxpayer more to shut down the $10 Billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC).

Michel Mann’s Nobel Hockey Stick

Mark Stein has been having some sport with Dr Michael Mann’s attempt to pass himself off as a “Nobel prize recipient“, notwithstanding that the Nobel committee says he isn’t. But Mark Steyn may not be aware of the new Nobel ring modelling that Michel Mann has developed over at the Penn and is about to be published in Nature. Based on carefully picked northern Norwegian tree ring chronologies and some extremely complex and secret mathematical computer models way beyond your puny mind’s comprehension, it turns out that Michael Mann indeed did receive the Nobel Prize in 2000. As the graph below clearly shows, the certainty is 0.95, which to us scientists in the know, means there is only 0.05 chance that it did not happen and thus we call it a highly probably event.  The Nobel committee which ignores this science and claims Michael Mann did not receive a Nobel Prize are clearly nothing but Nobel Deniers.

The Political History of GW Madness

From Dallingpole’s Post Nicholas Stern – the most dangerous man you’ve never heard of 

Commented AlecM makes a nice summary of the political history of global warming madness.


The organisation chart of ‘environmentalism’ is complex.  The core are long term entryists like Hansen, who has called for a Chinese Communist style government in the USA, and the late Schneider. The latter had been part of the group which had got funding from predicting a new ice age.

In 1975, the ‘Endangered Atmosphere Conference’ was organised by Club of Rome Erlich and Eugenicist Margaret Meade and they decided to use CO2 as the justification for population reduction.

A parallel scare was the ozone hole, now known to be a natural phenomenon. Devoutly religious Houghton co-founder of the IPCC,  published his book on Atmospheric Physics in 1986: it has two errors which apparently led to the false assumptions in the climate models.

In 1992, the UN adopted Agenda 21, the sustainability model for the 21st Century but really a blueprint to use the CO2-threat to impose Marxist totalitarianism on the West. Associated with the eugenicists are Porrit and Prince Charles. The former apparently set out to indoctrinate Oxford students, e.g. Davey.

With the collapse of the USSR, the Marxists set out to infiltrate WWF, Greenpeace, FoE, Christian Aid, Oxfam etc.  In 1993, Will Happer, Director of Research for the US DoE resigned because he was told by Gore to falsify the IR science.

In 1997, the proof that CO2 followed the warming at the end of ice ages led to the fake Mann Hockey-stick and in 2001, the third IPCC assessment report had this as the highlight. It was organised at a meeting with CRU people in  Tanzania in 1999.

In 2004, NASA switched the partially correct aerosol optical physics of Twomey with an incorrect claim that small cloud droplets reflect more sunlight because of higher surface area. This fake physics allowed the fourth IPCC assessment report to claim AGW was hidden by polluted cloud cooling.

At about this time the renewed SWP organised with Trotskites at the Guardian and the emerging 10.10 movement the Red-Green Alliance.  It’s international and links with environmental groups.

Last year, Hansen claimed AGW is hidden by exactly the opposite aerosol cooling, hence the atmosphere has ceased to warm. He and Trenberth apparently introduced the 0.9 W/m^2 ‘missing heat’, supposedly hiding in the ocean deeps: there is no such physics and it seems to be the fraud to underpin the fifth IPCC assessment report.

Al Gore and David Blood, ex CEO of GS, set up their London based carbon trading company. Shell set out to get 2/3 rds of its revenue from carbon trading. Grantham set up the LSE propaganda unit, also work at Imperial on climate modelling. Deutsche bank influenced Merkel and Blair.  Blair reportedly gets £5 million a year from J. P. Morgan.

Stern persuaded Lehman Brothers to do carbon trading: it broke the bank and may have triggered the World financial meltdown. Schroeder did a deal with Putin to get a monopoly on Gazprom gas into North Germany.

Obama has to date spent nearly £65 billion on climate research to ‘prove’ CO2-AGW. There is absolutely no proof it exists, fundamental IR physics shows it cannot exist and the prediction of positive feedback is a fraud in the models.

The Club of Rome has been lobbying to get ‘deniers’ on trial at a UN Court in the Hague for obstructing the ‘science’. Judge Finklestein in Australia recommended that bloggers in Australia with 41 hits or more per day should be fined and/or jailed if they put out science not approved by the State.

Marxists started the fraud but then became controlled by the emissions’ traders.  Politicians joined in for the extra taxes. Behind them the Eugenicists plan to kill billions in the interests of ‘sustainability’. The movement is similar to Nazism in the 1930s with the Eugenicists eager to get their first Law, equivalent perhaps to the 1934 Law in Germany allowing the State to kill ‘defectives’ at birth.

James Lovelock, appalled at scientific fraud he saw in ozone research he started and revealed in the Climategate e-mails has has apologised for his apocalyptic predictions. Peter Lilley, one of a handful of scientifically-trained MPs, recently wrote a coruscating criticism of Stern’s 2006 Report which was highly influential on UK Government and Lehman Brothers.

ABC24: Business wants even higher Carbon tax !?

This is my today’s complaint to ABC24:

The ABC24 Monday night The Business bulletin on the 16th July 2012 at 8:35 pm, had a report on the Carbon Tax, which mis-represented the facts presented.

During its interview of the CEO of Sustainable Business Australia, the ABC Journalist reported a finding, that left even this hardened listener of ABS bias quite gob smacked, namely that business can’t get enough of this carbon tax:

Journalist: “And contrary to popular understanding that business believes that the carbon tax at $23 a ton of Carbon is too high, Andrew Peterson says many with rising energy costs are coming to the view that it is too low.

An authority figure saying that businesses, subject to the world’s highest carbon tax by multiples, want even more carbon tax on them is astonishing and proves that maybe Gillard was right all along.

But wait, Andrew Peterson’s sound byte actually states nothing of the kind:   “I think that business once they become comfortable with the primary implications for their business will argue that if they’re going to see investment in energy, more efficient energy activity, they’ll actually want to see the price increased.

So what is merely a preposterous prediction from a self-interested party that business will argue for more tax in the future, the ABC paints even a rosier picture by misreporting the person as having said that it is happening already – and in ‘many’ businesses.

I believe the ABC24 should either present the evidence or make a correction to this report and clarify that the SBA CEO in fact made no such claim and that the ABC has no evidence of such a claim or such fact that business is coming to any view of wanting a higher carbon tax.

There goes the ABC, having trouble distinguishing prediction from fact, in relation to climate and CO2.