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Promised to Repeal the Carbon Tax, Still the Most Unpopular Prime Minister Ever.

His promise to repeal the Carbon Tax played a big part in getting him into power, yet Tony Abbott has succeeded in completely destroying his credibility and popularity within a very short time-frame. Thousands of angry and upset Australians turned out to protest last Sunday in cities and towns across the nation. “March in March” was a huge success in bringing about awareness to those Australian’s who are not so aware about the atrocities performed on an almost daily basis by those who have been given (or have just taken) too much power from their own people. Not surprisingly there was very little coverage given to the events by the mainstream media, however awareness was spread through the communication medium of social media: Facebook, Twitter etc. A few stories were posted on news websites and I heard a 20 second update about it on radio CB FM, but television news coverage was almost non-existant.

Those that attended had plenty to protest about; from human rights (asylum seeker) injustices, to gay rights issues; from the secret signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef and the Forests of Tasmania, to cutbacks in education spending and massive increases in military spending. Does a single person in Australia even support the murder and genocide of innocent human beings going on in Afghanistan and the Middle East? Some ignorant people even protested the upcoming potential removal the Carbon Tax. The way Tony Abbott has been leading Australia Corporation thus far however, it wouldn’t surprise me if he back-flips on that election promise as well. It’s not like his approval ratings can go much lower anyway.

Several of the No Carbon Tax team attended the Sydney March to protest the numerous injustices being carried out by the Abbott Government. We’d just like to give a big shout out to Auscomms Communication Sydney from whom we got walkie talkie hire for the day. The two-way radios made it much easier to keep in contact with each other while we were organising crowds and bringing together all the like-minded anti-Government protesters.  Thanks Dave for suggesting getting the radios for the event, they really made things much easier especially when mobile phone network coverage was so unreliable probably due to the large number of people on the networks at the same time.

We encourage you all to keep fighting the good fight, not just to repeal the Carbon Tax but to fight for justice and ethics in Australian Politics, not just nationally but globally as well. Every living being on this planet deserves to be treated with respect. Can any global Government honestly say they they are doing what is best for their people instead of corporate interests? Everybody knows the Australian Government can’t. It doesn’t matter if it’s NLP or Labor the results are never in our favour. Australian’s need to take back control of their country and stop the sell off of national treasures and our values and ethics.