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Michel Mann’s Nobel Hockey Stick

Mark Stein has been having some sport with Dr Michael Mann’s attempt to pass himself off as a “Nobel prize recipient“, notwithstanding that the Nobel committee says he isn’t. But Mark Steyn may not be aware of the new Nobel ring modelling that Michel Mann has developed over at the Penn and is about to be published in Nature. Based on carefully picked northern Norwegian tree ring chronologies and some extremely complex and secret mathematical computer models way beyond your puny mind’s comprehension, it turns out that Michael Mann indeed did receive the Nobel Prize in 2000. As the graph below clearly shows, the certainty is 0.95, which to us scientists in the know, means there is only 0.05 chance that it did not happen and thus we call it a highly probably event.  The Nobel committee which ignores this science and claims Michael Mann did not receive a Nobel Prize are clearly nothing but Nobel Deniers.