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The Political History of GW Madness

From Dallingpole’s Post Nicholas Stern – the most dangerous man you’ve never heard of 

Commented AlecM makes a nice summary of the political history of global warming madness.


The organisation chart of ‘environmentalism’ is complex.  The core are long term entryists like Hansen, who has called for a Chinese Communist style government in the USA, and the late Schneider. The latter had been part of the group which had got funding from predicting a new ice age.

In 1975, the ‘Endangered Atmosphere Conference’ was organised by Club of Rome Erlich and Eugenicist Margaret Meade and they decided to use CO2 as the justification for population reduction.

A parallel scare was the ozone hole, now known to be a natural phenomenon. Devoutly religious Houghton co-founder of the IPCC,  published his book on Atmospheric Physics in 1986: it has two errors which apparently led to the false assumptions in the climate models.

In 1992, the UN adopted Agenda 21, the sustainability model for the 21st Century but really a blueprint to use the CO2-threat to impose Marxist totalitarianism on the West. Associated with the eugenicists are Porrit and Prince Charles. The former apparently set out to indoctrinate Oxford students, e.g. Davey.

With the collapse of the USSR, the Marxists set out to infiltrate WWF, Greenpeace, FoE, Christian Aid, Oxfam etc.  In 1993, Will Happer, Director of Research for the US DoE resigned because he was told by Gore to falsify the IR science.

In 1997, the proof that CO2 followed the warming at the end of ice ages led to the fake Mann Hockey-stick and in 2001, the third IPCC assessment report had this as the highlight. It was organised at a meeting with CRU people in  Tanzania in 1999.

In 2004, NASA switched the partially correct aerosol optical physics of Twomey with an incorrect claim that small cloud droplets reflect more sunlight because of higher surface area. This fake physics allowed the fourth IPCC assessment report to claim AGW was hidden by polluted cloud cooling.

At about this time the renewed SWP organised with Trotskites at the Guardian and the emerging 10.10 movement the Red-Green Alliance.  It’s international and links with environmental groups.

Last year, Hansen claimed AGW is hidden by exactly the opposite aerosol cooling, hence the atmosphere has ceased to warm. He and Trenberth apparently introduced the 0.9 W/m^2 ‘missing heat’, supposedly hiding in the ocean deeps: there is no such physics and it seems to be the fraud to underpin the fifth IPCC assessment report.

Al Gore and David Blood, ex CEO of GS, set up their London based carbon trading company. Shell set out to get 2/3 rds of its revenue from carbon trading. Grantham set up the LSE propaganda unit, also work at Imperial on climate modelling. Deutsche bank influenced Merkel and Blair.  Blair reportedly gets £5 million a year from J. P. Morgan.

Stern persuaded Lehman Brothers to do carbon trading: it broke the bank and may have triggered the World financial meltdown. Schroeder did a deal with Putin to get a monopoly on Gazprom gas into North Germany.

Obama has to date spent nearly £65 billion on climate research to ‘prove’ CO2-AGW. There is absolutely no proof it exists, fundamental IR physics shows it cannot exist and the prediction of positive feedback is a fraud in the models.

The Club of Rome has been lobbying to get ‘deniers’ on trial at a UN Court in the Hague for obstructing the ‘science’. Judge Finklestein in Australia recommended that bloggers in Australia with 41 hits or more per day should be fined and/or jailed if they put out science not approved by the State.

Marxists started the fraud but then became controlled by the emissions’ traders.  Politicians joined in for the extra taxes. Behind them the Eugenicists plan to kill billions in the interests of ‘sustainability’. The movement is similar to Nazism in the 1930s with the Eugenicists eager to get their first Law, equivalent perhaps to the 1934 Law in Germany allowing the State to kill ‘defectives’ at birth.

James Lovelock, appalled at scientific fraud he saw in ozone research he started and revealed in the Climategate e-mails has has apologised for his apocalyptic predictions. Peter Lilley, one of a handful of scientifically-trained MPs, recently wrote a coruscating criticism of Stern’s 2006 Report which was highly influential on UK Government and Lehman Brothers.