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In defense of the Biggest Polluters

The Gillard Carbon Tax propaganda has completed its vilification, not of Tony Abbott again, but of CO2, by cementing into our vernacular that CO2 is a pollutant.  Newspapers, politicians and various speakers on both sides of the argument now almost universally refer to emitters of CO2 as polluters, with statements like the 400 biggest polluters will be affected” and  “big polluters will pay“.

The masterful word here is Polluter.

In fact CO2 is not even on the National Pollutant Inventory.  I wonder why not? Is it because it requires by regulation to have some solid proof and not just mathematical models?  More importantly, can the companies called big polluters sue the government for libel for having their reputation damaged?

But the damage is done, because ‘Polluter’ is the new ‘evil’.   It does not matter what the pollution is, whether it harms, how much it harm.  It’s simply evil and intolerable.  Like child molesters, ‘polluters’ are absolute evil, there is no debate, no doubt about guilt, they instantly have no friends, they have no counter argument from what benefits their products give.   They only deserve punishment, the harsher the better, and preferably be shut down for being polluters.

And so now it’s about punishment, not science or effect on global temperature.  In fact, reporter Natalie O’Brien is more worried in case “Big polluters go unpunished”  rather than if all this punishment benefits global temperatures.   Yes, it’s essential for ‘Biggest Polluters’ to be punished.   It doesn’t matter if they are in fact your Council tip disposing of your rubbish, they are the evil big polluters.  It doesn’t matter if they produce the energy for your 30 minute shower, or your mother’s ventilator in hospital, they are the polluters.

So as you gradually accept that the carbon tax is about crime and punishment of other evil people, know that the evil enemy has been found and the enemy is us,  in our normal independent western lifestyles.

And if you can you still remember the actual purpose of the carbon tax, it was supposed to be global CO2 abatement to avert what is now an increasingly unlikely mistaken climate crisis.

Marvel at the artistry:

Global warming
Climate Change
Climate Disruption
Pollution Reduction
Punishment of Polluters

Tony Abbott forced to quell backbench climate rift

TENSIONS have erupted in the Coalition over a key climate change policy less than two weeks before the introduction of the carbon tax from July 1.

Tony Abbott was yesterday forced to stare down a backbench challenge to the party’s support for the 20 per cent Renewable Energy Target as senior backbenchers blamed it for adding to electricity prices amid a backlash over last week’s 18 per cent price increases in NSW and South Australia. Read more…

I believe the LNP has little to fear from going hard against climate alarm and wasting money on hair brained subsidised renewables  schemes.

LNP will never get the green votes and the majority of Australian swinging voters are now fully sceptical and sick to the back teeth of climate alarm and price rises due to bogus renewable schemes.  LNP should commit to review all climate and renewables related spending, taking into account the economy, cost-effectiveness and rest of the world actions. There is little  harm in saying this. But then all this nonsense has to be cut out – put some money into real alternatives research and nuclear and get on with the real economy.

Drop a line of support to the only one scientist in the parliament: Dr Dennis Jensen MP in his quest to stop the money waste…and to Senator Ron Boswell.