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Say YES to an Election

This is propaganda of the worst kind. Cate, we love your acting, we’re glad for your mansions, we don’t mind you jetting to charity events for trendy righteous causes using silly carbon offsets. We will even tolerate you singing from the climate religion hymn book – it’s Hollywood after all. But don’t for a moment dare preach to us from a moral height that we should be tightening our belts while you continue your lavish lifestyle. You have no greater scientific, political, economic and certainly not moral qualifications to preach to us.

Andrew Bolt speaks to a real scientist, Prof Carter:

See the whole Bolt Report at Channel 10: here.

And the first spoof on the ad already out:


Climate ‘Tax’ Commission – First Report

Ms Gillard assembles a commission of known climate alarm advocates, tasks them with convincing us of dangerous Climate Change and the need for a Carbon Tax, and surprise, surprise, the commission reports … Climate Change is worse than we thought; we urgently need a Carbon Tax just like the one Ms Gillard is selling.  Ms Gillard must take Australians for complete idiots.

Sadly, it is a missed opportunity. Opportunity to have an review of the science since IPCC’s report 4 years ago, and if climate risk is indeed unacceptable, look at a variety of responses, their costs and efficacy.

Instead, we get the carbon tax.  Some spruikers have even it called it a ‘tax reform’.  If only! We all need to realise that it is an entire new bogus fiat currency system – like a new parallel carbon banking system, with complex legislation, regulations, auditors, accountants, inspectors, organised carbon crime syndicates, AFP enforcement teams, lawyers and soon carbon traders with new financial products, sales teams, advertisers, conferences, and spruikers. A whole new government, legal, financial and retail bureaucratic layer. All this will be yours, the working consumer, to pay for, support and pass onto your children for….all for zero and probably negative benefit to the environment.

But back to the Climate Commission. The SMH on Feb 11 2011 described the newly formed Climate Commission as:

The independent commission is charged with convincing Australians about the science of global warming and the purpose of a carbon price, as Parliament prepares to legislate one.

Prof Bob Carter described the commission, which was explicitly restricted to non-sceptical scientists, headed by a fringe Gaia-worshipping Tim Flannery so:

The scientists amongst the Commissioners clearly mix in a different scientific community to the one that I inhabit. I believe that the community that they refer to is the restricted group of scientists who are associated with the IPCC. It is indeed true that the majority of IPCC scientists are convinced that dangerous global warming is occurring, or will occur, and therein lies the problem. For IPCC scientists hold this belief fiercely at the same time that an intense debate is raging in the wider scientific community, most members of which have a much more balanced, middleground view that goes something like:

Yes, natural climate change and events are definitely an environmental and socio-political hazard, and yes we should prepare better for them and adapt better to them when they occur.

Such a commonsense policy is, of course, not only cost-effective, but is also precautionary against any human-caused change that might occur in the future – but which has not been manifest yet.

The Climate Commission report is a basically a re-hashing of IPCC’s Fourth report with scant and frankly misleading evidence suggesting ongoing dangerous climate warming, scary, unsupported projections of sea level rises which are actually decelerating, and even if they did rise by 1 meter by 2100, it is no reason to create a new bogus financial system.  Critically, it offers no evidence linking climate change to human CO2 emissions apart from discredited climate models, and no evidence that a Carbon Tax, Australian or global, would measurably influence atmospheric CO2 or the climate. No meaningful discussion of cost-benefit, alternatives, mitigations.  Otherwise its a great read : Report here.

For example, on the critical point of whether human emitted CO2 is causing dangerous global warming, the weakest link in AGW relying only on computer modelling and thus most controversial, the Climate Commission offers this completely fact-free and reference-free re-iteration of the IPCC report – from the organization which predicted 50 million climate refuges by…last year:


‘Very likely” is an expert opinion, no more. It is based on proven IPCC biased scientific advocates of alarm, analysing their computer models, which majority of experimental and observational evidence contradict. This, and no convincing evidence of any catastrophic effects of warming is just not good enough for us to trash our economies by crash decarbonization.

Prof Bob Carter and colleagues penned a REBUTTAL to Prof. Steffen’s previous presentation of much of the data in this report only last month. It is the most rigorously scientific alysis.
Read it here:


The new GalileoMovement has an initial response specific to the Report here.

Australian Climate Madness commentary here.

Joanne Nova Comment is here:

New Coupled Climate Model Results

NoCarbonTax has spared no expense, time and supercomputer power to bring you a completely new Coupled Climate Change model:

(Click on image)

Note particularly the progression of alarm as more money is involved – starting with a small Climate Theory from scientists to dangerous Climate Change from UN’s IPCC to Climate Fear from Government’s spokesmen. Note also the unbalanced outward radiation of taxpayer money, which will very likely cause dangerous cooling of family finances.

After initializing and parameterizing hundreds of unknowns factors, inserting  divergent proxy data and ignoring any difficult natural forcing factors, we ran hundreds of simulations until we obtained the results we wanted  – an ensemble of meaningless projected results, which we then averaged.

We homogenized, adjusted and used liberally unprincipled component method, too sophisticated for non-climate scientists to understand, and produced a new set of hockey sticks, giving a very robust prediction (>90% likelihood) that we are all being totally screwed (right).

(Click on image)

Anyone wanting my raw data….ha ha – only when CRU releases theirs.

Have a very happy Easter.

Which independent will become the next Australian hero?

Election Now – independents are the key. I encourage you to write to your independent member.  Make it clear you hold him responsible for every new Labor bungle he allows under his support for Labor. On the other hand, promise to re-elect him as a hero if he is the first of the three independents to ‘man up’ and take us to an early election.

Which of the three will become the new hero independent
who saves Australia by taking us to the polls early,
Rob Oakeshott, Tony Windsor or perhaps Andrew Wilkie?

This Labor government is dead in the water. It has lost its way… yet again. Its incompetence and arrogance has led it to be effectively at war with Australia. Its call to class warfare and attempts to divide and conquer Australians in order to enforce incompetent policies have failed. Citizens, businesses and whole industries are now in unprecedented open revolt against its insane carbon tax, its brainless spendthrift programs and disastrous refugee policies.  Labor now trashes our economy and neighbours with one bizarre political quick fix after another. Worst of all, it has no idea how to regroup and get back to governing and has no answers other than to pathologically project all its failings onto Tony Abbott.  It no longer listens to it’s citizens and we no longer listen to it. It is now incapable of learning, condemned to repeat their bungling from East Timer to Malaysia, from roof insulation to TV set top boxes.

For it’s own sake and that of Australia, Labor needs to be removed from government and be allowed to disassemble and be reborn again. After all, it is not in our interest for Labor to self-destruct – we need two healthy and vibrant, competing political parties.

This seems unlikely to happen according most commentators, including Andrew Bolt:

“Abbott actually knows that the worse it gets for this Government, the less likely the Greens and independents are to drop their support for it and go to a new election. The independents would almost certainly lose their seats and and the Greens would lose their shared balance of power in the House of Representatives.”

But Andrew misses the far worse fate that these men face. They face a place in history as objects of ridicule, flawed characters filled with conceit and self-importance, Oakesshott and Windsor  betraying their predominantly conservative electorates and acting as useful idiots for Labor and the Greens.

The independents, however, are not just fools, they bear responsibility. For every Labor’s failed scheme, every wasted billion, every bakrupcy and price rise from the carbon tax and every dead refugee on boats or renditioned to Malaysian camps, the independents are responsible. They are responsible because they could have easily stopped this farce, but did not, for apparently no better reason than selfishness.

But it is not too late. The first independent who listens to his conscience or sees the writing onthe wall and takes this government to the polls will be a hero. I am convinced he will be hailed as a hero by their electorate, for being man enough to put Australia first and admit he has been duped by Gillard, as were many Australians. I am convinced that such an independent would be re-elected by their electorate and honoured in history.

Three independents supporting Labor’s policies, Rob Oakeshott, Tony Windsor or Andrew Wilkie

So, if you are in one of their electorates, and are unhappy with this Gillard government, I encourage you to write to them and appeal to their patriotism, their ego or survival instinct, whatever works. Write to them with every new Labor stupidity and disaster – the refugees swap with Malasia, the set top boxes, and explain:

(i) how he carries the responsibility for this new policy, because he can stop it easily any time,

(ii) how betrayed you feel that he continues to keep this Labor government in power

(iii) how damaging another 2 years of this government will be,

(iv) how you will campaign hard against him at the next election in 2 years if he continues his betrayal,  BUT

(v) how he would be your hero and how you would campaign for him, if he ‘mans up’ and forces an early election this year.

It’s only a question of time…
Which of the three will become the new hero independent
who saves Australia by taking us to the polls early,
Rob Oakeshott, Tony Windsor or perhaps Andrew Wilkie?


Update: Thanks Ang, Only Oakesshott and Windsor can be argued to have betrayed conservative electorates, not Wilkie –corrected.