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Sydney No Carbon Tax Rally

The Sydney Anti Carbon [dioxide] Tax rally is on Saturday 2nd April 2011. The number of participating organizations has mushroomed to those listed in the flier below. With so many hands helping and our steep learning curve, we are on track to make this a truly great and fun family day. More details of the speakers and activities later.

Please download and print the flier and spread the message


Coalition Flyer 2nd April Rally1

Carbon [dioxide] Tax: love it or hate it, you will have to pay.

YouTube Hi Definition Link.

In our second series of street interviews, we went to Sydney CBD. We spoke to people who were for as well as against the Carbon [dioxide] Tax and invited them to tell us why they felt the way they did and what they thought the tax will achieve.

The concensus seemed to be – the tax, of itself, will of course have a tiny if any effect on climate, it will necessarily cost you – it has to, the carbon restriction will have to get much more drastic to have any meaning and we are leading the world, and depending on whether you are green or not, the pain is worth it or not. Interestingly, almost no one said what we consider the most accurate answer: the tax is a political non-solution to a useful non-problem.

Disclaimer: As amateurs, we can not hope to match the interviewing standards of the ABC. Despite our best efforts, our interviews are not as biased as you have learned to expect. We apologise for any distress caused to our sceptic viewers.

Reports from the Canberra Rally – 23 March 2011

…and an alleged leaked video from Labor headquarters: Here
(video is a theatrical vehicle only without intended analogy to any historical persons)
Note: We have added a Donate button, for your kind support for the Sydney 2 April Rally in Hyde Park. We will need fliers, promotion, a small stage etc. It is being organized by a broad coalition of non-political party groups including many tireless individuals, CATA and Menzies House. We expect a family friendly event with passionate but tasteful placards.

NoCarbonTax interviews:

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Sydney No Carbon Tax Rally:

Canberra Anti-Carbon Tax Rally: 23 March 2011

On 23rd March in Canberra, over 4000 people (according to AFP sources) attended the No Carbon Tax protest rally.   About 2200 average Australians paid $25 to travel over 3 hours on more than 30 buses, organized by the fledgling CATA group. They came to Canberra on a weekday to catch parliamentarians at work and send a message to the Government.  They wanted to express their disapproval and anger at a Prime Minister, who has reached new depths of political dishonesty and contempt for the Australian people, by brazenly going back on a critical pre-election promise NOT to introduce a new carbon tax.

Tony Abbott was good enough to address the rally as were a number of other dignitaries, and rock legend Angry Anderson was MC on the day.  The rally was covered live with an outdoor broadcast by Chris Smith from radio 2GB.

The protest, coordinated by novice organizers, was nevertheless a great success. The rally was orderly, and strictly focused on three core issues. Firstly, anger at Ms Gillard for having brazenly lied to Australian people when she denied she would introduce a carbon tax if elected.  Secondly, rejection of this arguably unnecessary, demonstrably ineffective and certainly harmful tax on carbon dioxide gas misleadingly termed Carbon Pollution, and thirdly, a demand that Ms Gillard call an election to get a mandate for such a major new tax regime.

The Government’s spin machine attempted to distract and delegitimise this protest by shouting: “look over there, offensive words on a few placards”. If it wasn’t so serious, it would be laughable.

This was no stage-managed protest with a rent-a-crowd, photo ops, media minders and nodding heads in the background. This protest was self-evidently the somewhat messy face of democracy:  a passionate, un-scripted grass roots event.  That should worry the government.

The 4000 protesters in Canberra were joined by the 102,464 who also said “No Carbon Tax” to the ninemsn on-line poll on the same day (23.3.11, 9pm).  Notwithstanding limitations of on-line polls, a massive 83% of 123,000 Australians presumably remembered the climate change  ‘greatest moral challange’ lie, the disastrous ceiling insulation scheme, the green loans schemes and exorbitant roof top solar panel subsidies and reject more government tax-n-waste in the form of this Carbon Tax:

Some photos from the rally (come back for video footage and interviews tomorrow):

Canberra Anti Carbon Tax Rally

Note: We sold out all our stock of shirts, caps and stickers on the day, but we will have more stock in a few days.

Switch off Truth for the ‘Ju-Liar Hour’

Something you can wear at the Anti-Carbon [dioxide]-Tax protests:

Download our Ju-Lier Mask (click on picture), print it in colour, if possible, cut it out and sticky tape it together. You are now ready for the ‘Ju-Liar Hour’ – an hour when we all must switch off telling truth and tell lies…for the sake of the climate and the children, of course.

Lest we forget…..