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Liar! Liar! Julia Gillard brings on Carbon Tax she had ruled out.

Having won an election by ruling out a carbon tax with a “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”, Liar Julia Gillard brings on a Carbon Tax on everything.

In a breath-taking contempt for the Australian public, she is essentially claiming we should have known she was lying at the time, from her previous support for action on imaginary dangerous Global Warming.

Andrew Bolt here:
16 August 2010, just six months ago:
Julia Gillard has said there will be no tax on carbon while she leads the federal government…
‘’There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.”

Julia Gillard today announced a carbon price would start on July 1 2012 if she can get legislation passed in federal parliament.

So Gillard broke a solem promise – or lied. Asked about this – six or so questions into the press conference – she avoided giving any kind of direct answer.

Explanation of Gillard’s deceit by Piers Ackerman here.

For those who believe in dangerous climate change and tacitly approve of this lie as being for the greater good, consider that every lie, every exaggeration, every wasteful ill considered green scheme made in the name of Climate Change, makes the public ever more sceptic and your noble goal ever further.

But, no matter what your belief in climate change, if we ever want to be able to believe an election promise again, we mustsend a message to Gillard and all politicians – “Lie to us like this and you are gone”.
We have printed some materials to help you communicate your feelings Julia and others:

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As an aside to the Liberals, the Global Warming scam is a gift that just keeps giving to Tony Abbott. Carbon tax affects everything, and just like every drought, flood, heatwave and snowfall is made out to be evidence of dangerous Global Warming, from now on every rise in petrol price, in groceries, in electricity, in bus fares, in interest rates will be attributable to Gillard’s Great Big Tax on Everything.