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… and Rudd/Gillard and ETS are history.

On 24 June, Kevin Rudd was politically ‘assassinated’ by Labor power brokers due to falling opinion polls and his deputy, Julia Gillard made prime minister of Australia.

On 21 August, the 2010 general election, Julia Gillard and the Labor party were ‘thrown out’ out of office in the first term of their government by the largest swing to conservatives for decades, forcing Gillard to join in a coalition with the Greens Party and two independents to snatch government for a second term.

The conservative Liberal National Party headed by Tony Abbott, narrowly missed their opportunity in negotiating with left leaning independents to form government, though some feel it is a poisoned chalice better avoided.

Although the conservatives campaigned on stopping government incompetence and spending (which was unparalleled in our history), it also ran on a platform of “no price on carbon” and the leader, Tony Abbott, is quoted to have once said “climate science is crap”, indicating that parties not signed up to carbon trading or taxing are no longer unelectable.

On 15 Sept 2010, Penny Wong lost her Climate Change ministerial portfolio.
The new Minister, Greg Combet, wasted no time in announcing the coal industry “absolutely” has a future as he pursues his three key policy reform objectives: pursuing renewable energy; energy efficiency; and the development of a carbon price for Australia (carbon price last on the list).

So, Rudd, Wong and ETS are gone.

…even as the British Conservative coalition government abandons failed climate policy.

I think The Global Warming Scam is cracking, though far from dead.. The best way to pursue a return to a rationalenvironmental public policy is to support the Liberal National Party.

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