Monthly Archives: April 2010

Victory? – Rudd appears to abandon CPRS / ETS

Kevin Rudd’s and Penny Wong’s (remember her?) CPRS / ETS, allegedly “the greatest moral imperative of our time”  and “[if we fail CPRS] it is all of us who will suffer. Our children.  And our grandchildren.” over which he said he will call a double dissolution if not passed by the opposition …. has been put on the back shelf for three years.

As morally corrupt and incompetent as was Dr Pachauri of the IPCC, so is Kevin Rudd with his hysterical push for a needless self-destructing carbon trading system. They will both be relegated the the dustbin of history.

Now we can start to dissect where science became advocacy, and discuss rationally and with real science, the issues of conservation, environmentalism, excessive consumerism, optimal population and energy security, without misdirection of resources to a carbon greenwash industry.