Monthly Archives: January 2010

IPCC finally going down in MSM, Rudd and Wong are hanging on…

IPCC’s Chairman Dr Rajendra Pachauri financial conflicts of interest (20 Dec 09) and (14 Dec 09)

UN wrongly linked global warming to natural disasters 24 Jan 10

Stern Report – misquotes costs of future hurricanes increasing it 10 fold 24 Jan 10

Lead AR4 author, glacier scientist, Dr Murari Lal: I knew data hadn’t been verified Jan 24 10.

IPCC AR4 riddled with non-peer reviewed WWF papers 24 Jan 10

IPCC Pachauri’s TERI receives large grants based on Himalayan GlacierGate. Jan 24 10. and

Dr. Richard North “Pachauri must resign – his position is untenable” on Indian television  interview 24 Jan 10.