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Now you can help STOP Rudd’s insane ETS!

If you are a voter in the Higgins or Bradfield electorates, whether Liberal or a Labor ….

VOTE 1 – for the Independent Climate Sceptic &
place Greens last

  • …and send a message to Turnbull and Rudd to stop the madness of Carbon ETS
  • Should we not win this safe Liberal seat, your vote will flow to the Liberal Party candidate before the Greens via our preferences
  • Vote Greens last – they talk of  “suspending democracy” to force you into their utopia

Anti-ETS Protest

Meet the ‘ETS Bull’

The Climate Sceptics staged a last minute demonstration in Sydney CBD, Martin Place on Wed 25 November 2009 against the ETS legislation. We sent a message to the politicians that the Australian voters are waking up to the the fact that the ETS is the most expensive, destructive and pointless piece of legislation to be rammed though parliament, even while carbon dioxide appears, day by day, less and less likely to be the cause of climate change.

Why we must not sign any UN’s Copenhagen-like Treaty

    • UN’s real agenda for world taxation and Rudd’s gullibility for wanting to sign it was revealed, by the now sidelined 200 page Copenhagen treaty.
    • Western countries were to compulsorily pay $ trillions in reparation to UN and 3rd world for imaginary “Climate Debt”, with punitive enforcement by the UN.
    • West was found guilty of future Climate Crime on mere computer modeling.
    • Rivers of your money given to unelected UN world-governing bureaucrats and 3rd word dictators.

The UN hidden draft treaty was breathtaking in arrogance and scope:

  • Australia and the West are essentially found guilty of future climate crime by the UN – based on UN’s own IPCC reports based on only computer simulations of reality.
  • Australians and West are to compulsorily pay $ trillions in reparation to developing  world for this imagined “climate debt”.
  • Rivers of your earned money will be given to unelected UN world-governing bureaucrats to administer and give to various 3rd Word dictators.
  • All future weather disasters will presumably be Australia’s and the West’s fault – since there is no way to tell man-caused from natural storms and floods.
  • The UN treaty will override our government and constitution – changing our government will not help extract us from the Treaty.
  • UN will have power to control aspects of Australia’s and the West’s economy – how many cars, what petrol price, electricity price, and will enforce payment of this imagined debt.
  • We will pay the UN and 3rd World forever – if we exit the treaty without permission from those receiving our money, UN could impose sanctions against us like Iran or North Korea.
  • In other words:
    The Copenhagen draft treaty is clearly a grab for irrevocable global power by the unelected UN bureaucrats, using Climate Hysteria, created by them over 20 years. The purpose is for global governance by the UN, taxing the West and ideologically based redistribution of wealth from the West to 3rd world governments and dictators on the pretext of fraudulent climate guilt.
  • You may feel safe that the West’s leaders would not sign up for such treason against their own citizens – but don’t bet on it – they are in a religious frenzy to “save our world” and “save our children”.

Other ways you can help stop the Carbon Tax:

  1. Come and help us promote our candidates or hand out leaflets at polling booths on 5th Dec – email us what time you can spare and your telephone no.:
    Bradfield – Bill Pounder: [] or
    Higgins – Chris Dawson [].
  2. If you live in the electorates,  print a few how to vote cards and hand them to your friends before the election.
  3. Donate. We are entirely self funded and every $50 will help us with posters, banners and printing leaflets.
  4. Join The Climate Sceptics and help cure Carbon Phobia (Here).
  5. Email as many Senators and Members as you have time for with your views.

Australia ruined for absolutely NO BENEFIT from ETS

  • Whether you believe in man-made Global Warming or not, almost every expert condemns  the ETS as utterly ineffective for CO2 reduction.
  • Rudd & Turnbull have  promised to subsidise emitting industries, so the ETS or carbon trading  will only churn rivers of money through the government coffers and the finance industry – thank you very much.
  • The ETS will not lower Global Temperature by one thousandth of a degree.

Why Turnbull must BLOCK the ETS/Carbon Trading Legislation

We will be the only STUPID country crippled by a Carbon Tax for ZERO effect on climate due to:

  • A huge hidden tax on everything – collected by industry & banks
  • Industries gone! 10,000’s of jobs gone!, Unemployment like Spain – 19%
  • Government control over industry, over your home and your life choices
  • Profiteering and rent-seeking by big business and green industry from trading and speculating in un-measurable CO2 reductions
  • International eco-corruption and increased poverty due to loss of cheap energy
  • Speculative carbon boom followed by the biggest financial bust in history


      These are the critics or opponents of the ETS / Carbon Trading


    • Probably the majority of Liberal Senators


Link: Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi on the ETS

  • Dr Alex Robson, Senior Economist at Concept Economics in Canberra: Link
  • CEDA (Committee for Economic Development of Australia): Global emissions trading: Practical policy or wishful thinking?Link
  • CEDA: Emissions trading: Another financial bubble set to burst? Link

Fear of Climate Catastrophe and ‘tipping point’ grossly exaggerated

    • Ongoing research is finding natural causes for much of the modern global warming feared to be from CO2 – from ocean currents, sun’s magnetic activity, cloud effects.
    • Civilization adds only 0.12% to natural greenhouse gasses – latest models suggest burning all fossil fuel would warm climate by a trivial and harmless 0.6°C by 2100, not 4-8°C.
    • For the last 10 years, global temperature, oceans levels, Arctic melt, and hurricanes have not increased or have decreased – naturally.
    • Read on to see an excellent up-to-date documentary on the science.
    • The Green-Left movement promotes Climate fear and Guilt, silencing opponents with “science is settled” to socially engineer Capitalism anyway.
    • ‘Decarbonizing’ civilization even to the STONE AGE would NOT change Climate one bit !
    • Our Western culture may have reasons for guilt and self-loathing but catastrophic Global Warming is not one of them.
    • This Finnish documentary is a good up-to-date summary of the many problems with Global Warming theories.